Liturgy of the Light Details

Monday, April 29th, which is the first day back at school after Easter break, is our in-school celebration of Easter (Liturgy of the Light). It is the greatest celebration of the year with the children and so requires some special preparation, both at the school and at home.  This year as we do every year, drop off will start at 9:45 am, in order for the staff to prepare for this beautiful celebration.

As much as we would love to make this celebration a whole school event including parents, practically it is not possible, therefore the celebration must be limited to students and staff. There is no Parent-Infant class this day. Thank you for your help in making this celebration seamless and beautiful for the children.

Just as if they were going to an Easter vigil, the children will be walking into a darkened school building and we will begin our celebration immediately. As this celebration begins in silence, the ringer on the school phone will be turned off. Please make a special effort to arrive on time because if you are late, we will not hear you. We will be walking down to the auditorium to celebrate as a whole school. The doors will be closed and the phone will be turned off at 10.00 am sharp so that we can all participate in this special event. In the event of a late arrival, you will need to wait until we are finished as we will be in auditorium for our celebration this year. The celebration may take up to an hour or more. The school doors will open again at 11:30 AM; late arrivals may join us then.

Safety note: The children will be receiving individual candles as part of the celebration. Please have all long hair pulled back and do not wear loose clothing (Primary children) with flowy skirts, etc.

This celebration is made even more beautiful with lots of flowers. If you have cut branches, flowers from your garden, extra Easter lilies etc., please consider sending them in. The children love to process with flowers and to see the whole prayer table surrounded by flowers and flowering plants!