RMS Parents Guild

Renaissance depends on the active involvement of every family to fulfill its mission and to thrive as a community. The Parents Guild is the vehicle that we use to promote and organize active parent participation.


The Parents Guild of the Renaissance Montessori School has a critical and particular three-fold mission.

  1. First, it is to work with the Directress/Guide to assist the school in providing everything required for the fullest and most authentic Montessori educational experience possible, in keeping with the mission and vision of the school.
  2. Second, it is to work with the Board of Directors, to assist in providing the material and financial support required to bring the school's mission and vision into reality.
  3. Thirdly, it is to work with the parent community and the community-at-large to ensure that the school’s mission and benefit is understood and being shared by as much of the community as possible.

The Parents Guild is peopled by volunteers, mainly parents excited by and dedicated to the mission and vision of the Renaissance Montessori School, although non-parents also participate as well. The Guild answers directly to the Board President and is directed by the Board in the commission of all its activities.

2018-2019 Leadership

Paula O'Keefe - President

Michelle Clune - Vice President

Kim Cook - Secretary

Paula Hugo  - Gala Chair