An Important Announcement from RMS

Dear Parents,
As I am sure that you are all aware, no school is ever able to meet operating expenses with tuition alone. RMS keeps tuition as low as possible so that no child is ever turned away from the school because of financial ability. This means that fundraising is a part of the everyday life of our community.
Similar to other private schools, RMS asks that all parents in our community assist in fundraising. Over the last few years, we have done this through the Family SCRIP Contribution program where each family was asked to purchase SCRIP with a goal of $300 in profit or match the $300 in cash should they not want to participate in SCRIP.
Thank you to everyone who worked SCRIP into their monthly purchases; some of you even exceeded your $300 minimum. However, we believe that with the advent of Apple Pay, Venmo and the like, SCRIP is a less intuitive way for families to contribute to fundraising here at RMS. So, we have decided that beginning this year, the Family SCRIP Contribution will become a Family Mardi Gras Contribution. 
The program will work much the same as SCRIP did, but instead of earning down the fundraising goal with SCRIP, families can earn it down with Mardi Gras sponsorships or by selling Mardi Gras raffle tickets. We believe that this will help our community focus all our fundraising attention on the Mardi Gras, the amazing event that so many of our parents already spend so much time making a success. Here’s how it will work.

  1. All families will have a $300 charge added to their June 2020.

  2. This goal can be earned down or eliminated completely by:

    • Securing Sponsorships for Mardi Gras – Bring a filled out Sponsor form and payment to the school and we will credit your June invoice for the amount of the sponsorship.

    • Selling Mardi Gras Raffle tickets – Each ticket sold will credit your June invoice for the face value of the ticket.

  3. Exceeding your $300 goal earns you tuition credits! We will credit your tuition bill 25% of every dollar earned over $300. That means, if you bring in one $500 sponsorship, you will not only meet your fundraising goal, but also have earned an extra $25 off your tuition!

  4. As with last year, each Parent Workshop you attend will also credit your goal $10 for each parent that attends.

Look for more details as the Mardi Gras team rolls out its needs for the year. As always, please feel free to reach out with any and all questions.

God bless,
Kristina Fox
Renaissance Montessori School