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RMS Needs the Community’s Support

Renaissance Montessori School (RMS) relies on the good will and generosity of many community members to make the school a success! Each year, RMS works with individual benefactors, businesses, school parents, friends of the school, and others to generate the support that RMS needs to succeed.

Like all successful schools, RMS relies on charitable monetary contributions and gifts in kind to offset a portion of the operating expenses. The RMS Board of Directors and Parents Guild work with members of our community to create fundraising/support initiatives that generate vital income and build awareness.

The Benefits of Your Help

Contributions to RMS help to provide students with high-quality learning materials, the finest directresses, continued staff training/development, and fuels the school’s continued development planning for future growth.

Contact or Contribute

Supporting RMS helps to shape the next generations of community leaders through quality Montessori education. If you would like to join RMS and its patrons in supporting this mission, please contact us today!

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