Middle School Program

Maria Montessori noted that adolescents (children aged 12 - 15) are undergoing two major transitions:

  1. “On the physical side a transition from an infantile to an adult state.”

  2. “On the psychological side, a transition from the child who has to live in a family, to the adult who has to live in society.”

The RMS Middle School is a program based on Maria Montessori’s recommendations for the third plane of development – the adolescent. Through the work of running a chicken farm as a business and through academic studies, the Middle School strives to address the needs of the adolescent and focuses on preparing these “fledgling adults” for a well-integrated adult life in society.


We emphasize the development of independence, self-reliance, compassion and service.  The students form a community and work together to set up and run real, agro-centered enterprises. The students are challenged to organize and run many other aspects of the immediate and extended community life.

Integrated  Education

The syllabus allows the student to have an integrated and comprehensive education, one which is pertinent and made relevant to the real work that they do.

Safe & Joyful

Our Catholic Montessori Middle School Program offers a safe, nurturing, faith-filled and joyful community of adults and young people, joined together to support learning and development. Within this environment, the adolescent acquires a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that will shape the adult they become.

Foster Faith & Virtue

As a Catholic Montessori School, the adolescent’s needs are addressed at the deepest level – by fostering faith and virtue in all aspects of our common life.