Weekly Update 1/10/19

Message from the Head of School

“The child who concentrates is immensely happy.”
-    Mari Montessori

Dear Parents,

Welcome to winter!  May the winds soon cease to blow.

During the winter months there are many challenges; cold and flu season, rampant cabin fever, short days and cold early morning risings. But there are many opportunities as well for deeper concentration activities; quiet time by a fire, family reading time, and a whole host of others. As we fight the winter blues, it’s important to make the most of those as well.  

Keep an eye out for a very exciting launch announcement about our new neighbor, CCMA!

God bless,


Sean P. Garvey
Head of School
Renaissance Montessori School

Messages from the Environments


The Young Children’s Community has been celebrating Epiphany everyday this week with several processions, songs, bells and opening the lovely gifts from our families! At prayer service we have read the birth of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke several times, and each time, when we get to the part of the Shepherds, someone gets up to get the Good Shepherd figure out of the sheepfold and place it on the prayer table. It is a joy to be able to share these little connections with your children and our dear Lord. Thank you so much for the compost bucket and Mini mule mugs, which were put to immediate use! Our little bakers will enjoy the popover pan for baking; it is a thrill to see the biscuits rise! And, you might not think it, but they will love to journey out to the yard, to empty the small composting bucket into the large composting tumbler for our outdoor spring garden!  They are such busy little workers! 


The children were all so excited to receive some lovely Giving Tree gifts from the parent community and have loved using them in the environment!


The highlight of our week thus far has been the building of a model of a river. Using a pre-constructed frame given to us years ago by a previous guide, the sixth years sculpted the model using cling wrap, balled paper, and clay. The other children were very intrigued by the process and enjoyed observing. When completed, we will use the model to show the flow of water and its capacity to carve the landscape over time. We will also label the parts of the river. These materials come at the beginning of a study called "The Work of Water," which will continue for several weeks.


The Erdkinder is having a roost built on a trailer in order to house our chickens. Mr. Alan Constantine, father of Theresa Constantine, has taken charge of the donated materials and built the main structure.The students are assisting Mr. Constantine in finishing it. We cannot wait to have our mobile roost! It will help us use our chickens to fertilize our land and it will give them many more pasture areas. 

Parent-Child Night Is Next Week!

The Primary and Elementary Environments are pleased to invite you to Parent-Child night next Thursday, January 17th from 6:30 - 8:00. This is a chance for your child to show you what they do each day at school, a time to demystify their work, and to answer questions such as what are the "metal insects" and what does sandpaper have to do with learning to write and read. 

Please click the link below and sign up for only ONE slot for each environment you have children in. Each child may bring just 2 parents/guests in with them. If you have more people interested in coming, they are welcome to come and take turns in the classroom. Expect to spend between 20 to 30 min with your child(ren) while they show you their favorite materials.


This evening is for the children and parents, and we ask that siblings not enter the environments so the parent can focus the individual child and to keep the rooms from getting too crowded. We will have a staff member in the gym for siblings to wait. 

Elementary children will have another opportunity to show their parents work in the environment at an Open House opportunity during Catholic School Weeks. Stay tuned for details.

As this format or time is not an ideal toddlers, Mrs. Ashton invites you to join a Parent-Infant class on any Monday to come and see your children in their environment.

Erdkinder will have other opportunities to show their families their work and their environment later in the year.

Important Notice from the Elementary

Starting tomorrow, the elementary class will be going outside for at least 15 minutes every day. The only reason we will not is for extreme cold, hail, or lightening. Please help your children to dress appropriately for spending up to a half an hour each day, including outerwear and shoes/boots.

Staffing Change

It is with sadness we say good-bye to Sloan Seelbach, who has been a wonderful assistant in many of our environments and our shuttle driver this year. We wish Sloan all the best in her future endeavors! Beginning Monday the 14th, Mrs. Deborah Britten will be driving the RMS shuttle. Make sure to say hi and give her a warm RMS welcome.

Jan/Feb Pizza Form Available

The January/February Pizza Form is now available. Orders are due with payment no later than the Wednesday before each Friday. The form is below or always at the top of the Weekly Updates.

January/February Pizza Form

Upcoming Events

  • 1/16/19 - Parents Guild Meeting 8:30 AM - Rescheduled from 1/9/19

  • 1/17/19 - Parent Child Night 6:30 - 8:00 PM

  • 1/18/19 - NO SCHOOL March for Life


Freedom and Discipline Resources

Thanks again to all the families who were able to attend our Parent Afternoon. We enjoyed the collaborative discussion! As promised, here are some resources for further study on this expansive topic, as well as some key phrases we use here at the school.


Freedom Discipline Podcast
Obedience Podcast
Self-Discipline Poscast
Quotes for Reflection
Aid to Life Website
If Gentle Discipline Isn't Working, This Might Be the Reason Podcast

Examples of Language We Use

It seems like you are not in control; you can borrow some of my self-control until you find yours again.

I think you might have forgotten,  ____  (Ex. we carry a pitcher with 2 hand)

I can see that you are not ready to ____ (carry a pitcher) right now. When you are ready, you can try again.

You can move your body or I can move your body for you.

You may not know this, but ___  is rude (or disruptive, etc.)

We can ____ once ____ is done. 

I'll know your ready to ____, when I see you ____.

Saying the feeling out loud but not offering a solution. You seem really frustrated. That must be really hard.

Important Research Participants Needed

Dr. Angeline Lillard is looking for participants for an important study she is conducting on Montessori education. Dr. Lillard’s research work is very highly regarded and we want to be of assistance in any way that supports that work.Please click here to see the attached flierand take the survey if you can, so that we can realize the dream of adding to the body of desperately needed Montessori research.