Weekly Update 9/27/18

Message from the Head of School

The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!
-    Maria Montessori

Dear Parents,

I love the quote above because it reminds us of something we know but don’t often reflect on. The capacity of the young child to learn is immense, as demonstrated by their grasp of language without any formal instruction. It reminds us of what else they are absorbing at this stage, and what an opportunity, and even obligation we have during this time; the behavior we model, the kindness, patience, peace, forgiveness and virtue. These are some other ‘languages’ we have a chance to pass on to our children without any effort. May we always be mindful of this in every moment of every day.

Please keep an eye out for our first parent survey.  As I mentioned at Back to School Night, we need your feedback and input, and surveys will be one of the ways we’re adding this year to do that.  Thank you for your participation!

God bless,

Sean P. Garvey
Head of School
Renaissance Montessori School

Messages from the Environments

Message from the Young Children's Community

 Our Young Children's Community is full on toileting now! In the first few weeks of transition, the potty was offered with regularity, but not everyone was interested. Several children are now undressing themselves, using the potty and gathering fresh underwear for themselves. They are recognizing what it's like to be wet and daily increasing their body awareness. We welcome children to arrive at school in underwear as you are comfortable doing so!

Message from the Children's House

In the children’s house we have been settling in to old friendships and forming many new ones!

Message from the Elementary Community

There are two main highlights from Elementary this past week. First, Upper El received a presentation on the Erie Canal and learned the folk song “Low Bridge.” We discovered that Dr. R spent her summers in that part of the country and has first-hand experience in the locks system (about which the children are especially fascinated). She kindly granted interviews, and the children enjoyed hearing her stories. Secondly, the whole class has been listening to Aesop’s fables and writing and sharing fables of their own. Reading aloud in front of a group is a particular hurdle for some, and they bravely conquered their fears with encouragement from their classmates. Mingling fiction with non-fiction narratives has made for a fun week in our classroom!

Message from the Erdkinder


This is our most intelligent chicken, who can find any tiny hole on our domes and escape. We call her Judy, or more affectionately, grandma 👵 Judy! 

Your VIC Card Equals Money for the School

Thanks so much to Gail Dolan, who has offered to coordinate the grocery store fundraising program this year. RMS receives a portion of what you spend when you link your Harris Teeter VIC card. Gail is collecting VIC or phone numbers with family names so we take advantage of this promotion. Please email her your family name, phone number and/or VIC number at gdolan92@gmail.com.  She will also be collecting the names and numbers at Parent Nights as well.

Smock Donations Needed

The Elementary environment is in need of some painting smocks to help protect their uniforms. Please consider donating your old aprons, large t-shirts or Dad’s old dress shirts. Stains and rips are fine!

From the Parents Guild

Please join us for our next Parent's Guild Meeting on Wednesday, October 10, in the Parent's Lounge. All parents and caregivers are welcome! As we look ahead to the two upcoming days off of school (Nov 1st and 2nd), we hope to plan an informal gathering at one of the local pumpkin patches. Last year, quite a few of us went to The Corn Maze in The Plains, and had a wonderful afternoon together, building community. Stay tuned, and be sure to keep up with the RMS Facebook page as well. Don't forget to bring in your box tops, as this is a simple way to help the school raise money. If anyone is interested in volunteering to collect and send in box tops, please contact the RMS office or Paula O'Keefe (parentsguild@rmsmail.org).

If you'd like to catch up on what we covered at the last meeting, you can find the minutesHERE.

Upcoming Events


Family SCRIP Contribution

With a little planning, it is easy to work SCRIP into your day to day purchases and make your $300 profit goal!

Rosanne Garvey is the SCRIP coordinator. She can be reached at 703-447-9229 or by email atrosanne505@verizon.net.

SCRIP is a fundraising program which asks retailers to participate and sell us gift cards at a reduced rate. For example, if you purchase a $100 Lands End gift card through SCRIP, they charge us $86 for that card and the school makes $14. There are countless retailers to choose from: airlines, hotels, clothing, fast food, gas, groceries; even Uber participates!!

To start ordering or buying SCRIP, simply visit www.shopwithscrip.com and set up an account. Make sure that spending is linked to RMS by entering our enrollment code - 8F91287E14129. Once you have an account, you can peruse the hundreds of retailers that participate and decide how best to use SCRIP within your family.

The easiest way to use scrip is to set up a "Presto Pay" account, which draws money directly from your bank and gives you access to SCRIP cards immediately from your phone, or to print from your home computer. Many, but not all, retailers participate in this format which is called SCRIPNow! PrestoPay uses the same safe electronic ACH that banks use and is secured by a 4 digit pin which you must enter every time you use it. There is a $0.15 charge per transaction when you use PrestoPay.

If you do not set up a Presto Pay account and would rather get physical gift cards,you can place your order on the website and bring a check to school by Tuesday made out to RMS. Orders are placed on Wednesdays and the check must be deposited before an order can be placed. The order takes a few days to ship and Rosanne can get your cards to you by the following Tuesday. 

Lastly, we have a SCRIP binder which is kept in the office. You are welcome to purchase SCRIP cards directly from the binder with cash or check. Please mark on the front of the binder what you have taken and whether you paid by cash or check.

Feel free to call or email Rosanne with any questions.

Facebook Group for RMS Parents

Are you on Facebook and want to connect with other RMS parents that way? Join the RMS Parents Guild Facebook group. Find it at HERE.

Eggs for Sale

Erdkinder will be selling our eggs again to the community of RMS. Here are some facts about our eggs.
Our eggs are:
● Soy Free
● Non-GMO
● Cage Free/Pasture Raised
● Carefully Inspected
● Delivered fresh to your car door (during the academic year)

Are you interested in buying our eggs? If so, how many dozens per week would you buy?
Please email Fructus Terrae at ~ fructusterrae@rmsmail.org

Community Event

Holy Family Academy is once again having theirMichael Pennefather Memorial 5K and Color Fun Run. The event is Saturday, October 13th and promises fun for the whole family. See the attached flyer for details.

5K Flyer

New for 18-19 - RMS Absentee Line

RMS now has two easy ways to report your child absent.

  1. Call the RMS Absentee Line at 703-594-7032 and leave a message.

  2. Send an email to the absent@rmsmail.org.

Load this contact information into your phone now and report your child absent before 8:30 AM each day they will not be attending school. To ensure the safety of all our children, we will be calling the parents of all children not at school and to confirm the absence if we have not heard from you on the line above.

Carpool Safety Reminder

This is a reminder that it is very important that cars do not pull around to leave the line unless directed by a school staff member. We have children, including toddlers, that walk or are escorted to buildings on both sides of the carpool line so extra vigilance in this matter is appreciated!

Pizza Fridays

We are continuing the ever popular Pizza Fridays this year! Since this first week is Phase-In, the first Pizza Friday will be September 14th. Below is the pizza form. We ask that you please hand these in, with payment included, no later than the Wednesday before each Friday. You can order for the full two months or any week at a time.