About Renaissance Montessori School (RMS)

At Renaissance Montessori School, our mission is to provide your child with important physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional stimulation and guidance during their most formative years.

Renaissance Montessori School

Mission Statement

The following points comprise the mission statement of our school.

  • To labor joyfully in Christ’s Vineyard, building the Kingdom together, so we may all “have life and have it to the full”
  • To foster joy and a strong sense of community for all members, to promote stewardship of the school, and to create a partnership with the parents for the benefit of each child
  • To prepare the children for all aspects of life, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional, by engaging them in the daily rituals of living within a community
  • To stimulate the child’s natural curiosity and to prepare him/her to become an independent, self-reliant and compassionate human being
  • To prepare an environment that is responsive to the child’s needs and tendencies at each stage of development
  • To follow the teachings and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, and to uphold the standards of the Association Montessori Internationale


Please review our program descriptions, and then see our Programs, Schedule & Tuition page in the Admissions section for more information. The Renaissance Montessori School currently has 5 programs:

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Faculty & Staff

Sean Garvey – Head of School

Kristina Fox – Administrator

Brenda Mooney – Toddler Directress

Annie Scheetz – Primary Directress

Suzanne Hughes – Primary Directress

Jenny Luetkemeyer – Elementary Guide

Dr. Johanna Rubin – Middle School Guide

Mary Pat Blanchette – School Nurse



Cathy Caputo – Grant Pursuit

Abi Clune – Floater

Lianne Francis – Floater

Emilia Fusco – Assistant

Joseph Herman – Assistant

Jana Horne – Assistant

Kerri Marbach – Assistant

Claire Mello – Assistant

Freda Mhetar – Assistant

Jennifer Miller – Elementary Catechist/RMS Atrium Program Coordinator

Claire Nguyen – Primary Catechist

Emilia Prokop – Assistant

Pamela Regenbogen – Math/Reading Specialist

Board of Directors

Board Chairman

Sean Garvey

Board Member

Stephen O’Keefe

Board Member

William Waldron

Come and see

Observation is the heart of the Montessori method, and we love visitors!  Please call or email the office to schedule an observation. Please call us at 703.368.4442 or click the contact button.

Our Location

12625 Fitzwater Dr, Nokesville VA 20181


School Entrance